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    Featuring the “AIM” System (Achievement in Music)

    Easily assess, document progress, and MOTIVATE your students!
    Developed BY music teachers FOR music teachers

This company was created to meet the needs of music educators. Our current focus is to provide teachers with a complete assessment system for beginners through hs seniors. With a total of 210 assessments including a wide variety of technical and lyrical etudes, scales, and written work, teachers are easily able to assess and document student comprehension and growth at a high level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Each exercise is labeled with the corresponding National Standards for Music Education, and is marked with clear student objectives. When used with the accompanying cloud-based software, teachers can quickly assess their students and create reports for parents and administrators. The program itself was designed for use in our own classes. We have tried just about every assessment system available, and weren't happy (too complicated or too time-consuming) so we decided to create something that worked for us and our students. We know it will work for you too.


Client Testimonials

"With assessments laid out in a very logical progression, the AIM system allows me to easily show concrete data of student growth while being educationally purposeful for my students!" - Beth Wondolowski, Whitmore Lake Middle School, Band and Choir Director

"The AIM assessments require a wide range of technical and expressive elements. They are well thought out and could be a useful means of improving both teaching and learning." - Kenneth Moore, D.M.A., Director of Bands, Music Dept. Chair, Dexter High School

"The AIM system is the perfect addition to my curriculum. Being the only director in a small charter academy, I needed something to guide the growth of all of my students. This self paced program challenges my advanced learners without leaving the below average students behind." David Middlin, Director of Music, South Arbor Charter Academy