Josette Rechul, Founder and Band Director

Josette is a 28 year veteran music teacher. She has experience teaching band, choir, and general music, with the bulk of her experience being 5th grade through 12th grade band. Josette has a passion for the science of teaching students and a love of sharing the making of music with them. This, along with her high expectation of student achievement, drives her to find new ways to be successful in the classroom. Her master’s degree in music theory guides her decision making process with regard to grade level appropriate assessments for all instruments. Along with her team teacher, she has created stunning advancements in best practices for music assessment, as well as exciting and creative teaching methods.

Matt Ridenour, Founder and Band Director

Matt is a 26 year veteran of music teaching. He has experience teaching band, choir, and general music. His teaching centers largely around high school instrumental music, but he also works at the middle level. Matt is a “big thinker” and a creative spirit. Working to solve the many issues that band directors face today is one of his many passions. With a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, Matt has contributed current, credible assessment strategies and motivational techniques. The combination of his macro thinking, with Josette’s attention to detail is the driving force behind the success of their program and of this assessment/motivation system.

The assessments and data tracking techniques provided in this package represent the result of 42 combined years of experience, brainstorming, trial and error, and success. We have had incredible, measurable success using this system within our program. We are very confident you will see the same results in yours! Your students will dive into the assessments with vigor. Your administrators will appreciate and applaud your ability to track and report the success and progress of your students. Your parents will thank you for the new found commitment to music they are seeing in their children.