Finally! A consistent approach to testing, tracking, and reporting!

The AIM system includes two major components: The assessment packet and the software used to track individual student progress. When used together, you, your students, their parents, and your administration will easily be able to track growth.

This program was developed by educators with over 40 years of combined experience, who have tried most of the assessment systems available. After bouncing around from system to system, and spending too much time creating new quizzes and tests, the AIM System was born. With over 170 assessments written in a logical progression, you will reach all of the national standards, while challenging EACH student according to their ability level. All of this in just a few minutes per day!

The assessment packet is designed to meet the needs of every level of musician you teach, from struggling beginner to the most advanced. Students receive the entire packet and CHOOSE which assessment they will take next, allowing for differentiation and self-pacing. Your most advanced students can test more often, pushing themselves to achieve more, while other students may choose to meet the minimum number of tests that you require. There is even a motivational system built in with the software!

The software is web based, and is the heart of the tracking process. As students test, you enter their score using any online device such as a smart phone, tablet, or computer. From there, students have their own login to track their individual progress and virtual badge level, while the teacher’s page provides a much broader range of reports. Directors can quickly compare the strengths, weaknesses, and scores of their students using many different sorting options, such as by student, grade level, instrument, assessment, or even by all students in your entire program. You will even be able to anonymously compare your students with those in other music programs who use the AIM system. Evaluation time is simplified, as you can easily print or export reports proving progress for any individual, group, or date range you choose. You can even migrate scores into whatever grading system your school uses! This will be invaluable for parent teacher conferences and teacher evaluations.