The assessments and data tracking techniques provided in these packages represent the result of more than 50 combined years of experience, brainstorming, trial and error, and success. We have had incredible, measurable success using this system within our program.

Software purchase price is $200 first year, and available at a subscription rate of $100 per year after year one. Assessments are purchased separately through J.W. Pepper. Please search under A.I.M. on their site.

This is a complete assessment program designed for beginner through high school senior.

  • Each playing assessment is aligned and labeled with the National Standards for music education.
  • Exercises are marked with clear student objectives.
  • The short etudes cover a broad range of musical styles and concepts.
  • The AIM System utilizes higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Assess to see if your students can apply the concepts you are teaching in your daily rehearsals.
  • The percussion packet assesses snare and mallet work, but ALSO auxiliary instruments. Sticking and rudiments are reinforced as well as proper technique on the various instruments that your students use on a regular basis.
  • The cloud-based software is accessible from any device.

Middle School

  • 90 total assessments
  • Etudes
  • Major scales (1 octave) with arpeggios that reinforce the 7th below
  • Natural minor scales with arpeggios
  • Blues, whole tone, and chromatic scales
  • Written assessments (including composition!)

High School

  • 120 total assessments
  • Etudes
  • Multiple octave major, melodic minor, and harmonic minor scales
  • Modes, improvisation, and intonation studies
  • Written assessments (including composition and transposition!)