TABS is a multipurpose application developed by teachers to be used in schools.

  • Track positive and negative behaviors with one click!
  • Digital hall passes eliminate paper and student manipulation
  • Take attendance by tapping and submitting
  • Lock down your school instantly and get report-backs from teachers

A fully customizable behavior tracking system! Choose the behaviors you want to work on as a staff, and use your app to track them. Students earn positive rewards points redeemable for whatever you choose. Negative points accumulate and trigger customizable automatic consequences.


Fully customizable set of hall passes with expiring timers. Track and curb student behavior with time-stamped passes.

Hall Passes

Messaging within the lockdown feature allows for communication with teachers on the go. This can also double as a mass communication tool with staff regarding important, but non-emergency type messages.

Lock Down

Take attendance using the class list on your phone. Two taps and you’re done!